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Narrative short film | 12 minutes | 2020

by Elias Ben Khalifa 

Produced by École cantonale d'art de Lausanne



This film is about the evening of a gang of three girls. Throughout their journey through the city, the gang debates life and makes the 400 moves. They have no money and will have to play taxi-basket (leave without paying). But they didn't count on the experience of the driver who sees the blow coming.


Cast & Crew

Cast :

Mathilde Invernon, Arianna Camilli, Anastasia Fraysse

Philippe Schuler, Nathan Topow



Production: ECAL

Written and directed by: Elias Ben Khalifa

Assistant director: Margaux Fazio

Continuity: Moreno Cabiza

Director of Photography: Aurel Ganz

Assistant camera: Myriam Guyénard
Sound recordist: Dario Willommet, Yan Ciszewski

Gaffer: Pierre Bodino
Colorist: Aurel Ganz