Kasumi | fic 13'

official poster of th short film Kasumi


Kasumi is derived from the will to highlight the fragile limit between love and hate in a relationship. We would like to display the collision between reason and emotions, as found in Greek Tragedies, when confronted by the array of sentiments experienced while one wants to hate the person one loves or even love the person one hates. We want to show how the absence of words is sometimes just as harsh as when words are said. Speech is not always necessary to exhibit sadness, hatred, oblivion, or despair; nor does it always need to be presented to tell a story.. We want to show the opposite of a romantic relationship when nothing is going right through their glances. We often remember the first time eyes lock, hands touch, and faces come closer, but what about the last time?


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Festivals and Awards

2019   Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Awards nomination for 'best foreign language film' 
2019 Rome Prisma Independent Film Awards nomination for 'best short drama'
2019 Short to the Point International Film Festival nomination for 'best short drama'
2019 Florence Film Awards              winner 'best drama'             
2019 Best Actor Award winner 'best duo'

Cast & Crew

Cast :

Philippe Gray
Candice Mechaly 



Written and directed by: Philippe Gray and Candice Mechaly 

Assistant director: Leon David Salazar

Director of Photography: Aurel Ganz

Assistant camera: Rafael A. LópezRodrigo Muñoz 
Sound recordist: Théodora Monthonnex 
Set decoration / costumes: Eugénie Constantin
Gaffer: Fanny Reynaud
Editor: Aurel Ganz