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Porcelain Stare | 2017 | fic 5'

Porcelain Stare | 2017 | fic 5'

Robin Rippmann


Maybaum Film





A young girl is invited for tea by an old woman. What starts out innocently soon takes a sinister turn as the woman suddenly vanishes, leaving the girl to make her way through the house. Little does she know that the old woman has her right where she wants and it soon becomes clear that the doll collection may not be the creepiest thing in the house.


Producers - Aurel Ganz, Robin Rippmann
Executive Producers - Michel Alraun, Laurent Ulrich, Michel Frutig
Written and directed by - Robin Rippmann
Cinematography - Aurel Ganz
Music and Sound Design - Simon Dällenbach
Editing - Aurel Ganz
Consulting Producer - Björn Härtel
Production Design - Chloé Bourgogne
Gaffer - Luca Vaccani
Assistant Director - Alessandro Poletti
Boom Operators - Thomas Lanker, Simon Dällenbach
Make Up and Hair - Karla Schümperli
SFX Make Up - Stephanie Brughelli
Runner - Simon Schneiter
Sound Mix/ Mastering - Simon Dällenbach
Lead VFX Artist - Christian Rüeger
VFX Artist - Mick Bahler
Colorist - Aurel Ganz

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