DOOSRA | 2021 | fic 29'


Keerthigan Sivakumar


AS Cinema, cole cantonale d'art de Lausanne



Vinoth, a young Sri Lankan asylum seeker has been living alone in Switzerland for a year. Every morning he drives a van round Lausanne delivering bread. It's regular work but it's the only thing he has in his life here, far from his family and roots. So in order to break up his routine, he decides to look for voluntary work where he could help others, meet people and perhaps make some Swiss friends.


Written and directed by: Keerthigan Sivakumar

Producer: Ali Sinaci

Assistant director: Nikita Merlini

Continuity: Kilian Sturm

Director of Photography: Aurel Ganz

Production Design: Fleur Bernet

Assistant camera: Jann Kessler

Sound recordist: Yoanne Rey

Rerecording mixer: Vuk Vukmanovic

Costumes: Margot Jud

Make-up: Tiffany Noiset

Gaffer: Fanny Reynaud

Electrician: Pierre Bodino, Antoine Favre

Editor: Axel Chemin